Cheap Holidays: 6 destinations that aren’t as expensive as you think.

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Most of the time, when we organise a trip, there are some destinations that we directly cross from our lists because of they are out of our budget: flight, hotels, attractions and food. On this post, we show that there are destinations that, although at first sight seems utterly expensive, they offer cheaper alternative plans.

So, what are you waiting for travelling the world? Discover some fabulous “Expensive Destinations” that features some cheaper alternative plans

Cheap Holidays

Cheap holidays in Mallorca: Party in Palma.

Who doesn’t like crystal clear waters and white sand beaches? Mallorca or the largest leisure park in Europe and opens every day, and even if you are a low-cost traveller, you can enjoy the island as a Maharaja. We propose you a friendly -and economical- plan for a day in Mallorca: in the morning you can climb Sa Gubia, then soak up the sun at Cala Mayor, at midday enjoy a delicious Paella and Sangria, and then dive in Cala Santanyí. To finish the day, we propose visiting the liveliest neighbourhood of Palma, Santa Catalina.

Economic Rome: Monuments and pasta!

The city of Rome is itself a living museum. You can enjoy fabulous artworks and unique monuments strolling along its historic cobblestone streets. Furthermore, if you go outside the Eternal City, you can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices.

Let’s go to London! Budget accommodation and good atmosphere

Six letters, thousands of scenarios, numerous of attractions: London. What else? In London, you can enjoy a vast array of activities, a million of possibilities. That’s what the capital of the United Kingdom offers.

New York: Ride a bike across the Big Apple

You’ll see them on every corner: 10,000 blue rental bikes to explore the entire metropolis for only 12 “bucks” the full day. They are a great option to ride through the exciting avenues (nothing less than Broadway you have an extensive and magnificent bike paths), get to know the vibrant Times Square and enjoy the skyline of Manhattan. Many stops on your bike route are free: there are museums, such as MoMA, which can be visited without an admission fee on certain days and hours.

Cheap holidays in Paris

If you want to travel to enjoy cheap holidays in Paris, why don’t you do it on those dates when Paris offers a large number of free attractions? The 1st Sunday of each month from October 1st to March 31st the Musee du Louvre open its doors to all its visitors for free. Furthermore, the Arc de Triomphe, Pantheon, Notre Dame and Chateau de Versailles, have free access during the first Sunday of November to March.

Also if you are an under 26 or a teacher, and if you are a citizen from any of the 28 members of the European Union you can visit the museums for free at any time. After visiting one of the most famous museums in the world, you can escape from the crowd and enjoy a picnic in the gardens of the Royal Palace, which is just around the corner.

Berlin: Enjoy the lively nightlife of the German Capital

The German capital is a truly “Democratic” tourist destination, because everybody feels welcome, regardless of the volume of their wallet. A street curry sausage (the Popular currywurst) is as valid as a caviar dish with truffles, and a beer at a kiosk can be enjoyed as much as a bottle of Dom Pérignon.


Most overrated cities in Europe: Do you know which are?

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When deciding where to go on holidays, we tend to visit those cities everyone loves. Movies and television have made us believe that some cities are idyllic and fabulous location perfect for holidays. However, once you arrive at that “Dream location” you realise that maybe it’s not that great, or you end up wondering, why everyone loves this city if suck?

Maybe you are the weirdo or maybe some cities are simply overrated. We all tend to give our very personal opinion and see things that maybe no one else sees. Sometimes we ignore beautiful cities because someone tells us that location is not good enough, but we do believe in someone who tells us that a city is idyllic. Mostly, we read regarding top locations we all should visit, or idyllic destination for a top vacation, reason why on this post we have selected those “idyllic cities” that disappoint everyone.

Most overrated cities in Europe



This city is probably the one that disappoints the most. It’s supposed to be beautiful thanks to its architecture and dotted with lovely canals… Don’t misunderstand me, the city is beautiful, however, the tourism that attracts spoils the whole experience. The city is full of moronic English people that give us a bad reputation, always drunk, looking for English pubs and making fun of prostitutes. Also, another public that attracts are those rich guys that think they are utterly incredible for puffing special cigarettes. Certainly, Amsterdam is one of the most overrated cities in Europe.



The capital of Germany isn’t worthy enough for a visit. Visitors come to Europe attracted to historical cities or real medieval areas. Why bother visiting a city that is too modern and too sterile, when you can spend lovely holidays somewhere else? The city has some beautiful buildings and it’s also full of fascinating history, but again is too expensive and too unsure of itself to be visited by someone.



Milan is perfect if you want to spend your money shopping, Milan is fashionable and has a beautiful street perfect for strolling and of course, the Duomo is impressive. But once you have visited the Duomo and the last supper painting, you have nothing else to do in the city. Italy has a large number of cities with more charm and with way more attractions.



It’s said that the greatest cities are always by rivers… Unfortunately for Zurich, that’s not enough. Once you have a stroll along its streets you have seen all that Zurich can offer. Of course, there are a vast array of culinary options, beautiful churches and shopping areas, but if you travel on a budget, you won’t be able to afford anything.


dublin (2)

Dublin is an ugly city, period. The city centre has beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings but that’s it. If you have ever been to other European cities you will see that the Irish capital has nothing to offer. Its centre is small and one of its most famous attractions is the Temple Bar. Temple Bar doesn’t offer cheap beer and the beer is not even special or different. Undoubtedly, in my opinion, Dublin is one of the most overrated cities in Europe. Ireland is beautiful, full of fabulous areas but its capital is not one of those.

Here our post with the most overrated cities in Europe. Have you ever been at any of these cities? Do they disappointed? Which city has disappointed you the most? Give us your opinion.