4 Creepiest Places on Earth you can visit

Asia, Central america, North America

If travelling expands our horizons and horror stimulate the senses, the two together offer a powerful combination! From a lake filled with thousands of skeletons to an island full of awful dolls, on this post, we want to reveal you 4 disturbing and creepiest places on Earth. Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure this year? Do not look any further, check out this post.

Creepiest Places on Earth

A glacial lake full of human skeletons

In 1942, a man who was hiking through a lake in the Himalayas stumble across a fascinating scene: a shallow glacial lake surrounded by human skeletons. It was until summer, when the glacial lake was melted, when hundred of skeleton appear. Some of these skeletons were in perfect conditions, with flesh and hair still attached. In that very moment, everyone begins to wonder, who or what had killed so many people? Theories ranged from epidemics to ritual suicides.

After a study, scientists have some clues of what probably happen and the most important when. The skeletons were the remains of 200 to 300 people and dated from the 9th century. Short, deep cracks in the skull suggest that all these people may have died in the same way. All of them were hit in the head with rounded objects that weren’t weapons. Scientists concluded that all people were killed by a hailstorm.

Do you want to visit this unique attraction? The best time of the year, is during summer. During summer, when the ice melts, you can see the skeletons that are at the bottom of the lake.

The temple full of rats

Can you believe that a religious and tourist destination is full of rats? There is one and its name is the Temple Karni Mata of India, this temple is plagued with thousands of rodents.

Located in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, The Rat Temple houses more than 20,000 of rats which can roam freely around this place of worship. Each year, hundreds of thousands of religious pilgrims and tourists, visit the temple, eager to receive the blessings of holy rats.

According to the legend, the stepson of Karni Mata, Hindu deity, drowned in a pond. After this tragically event, Karni Mata asked to the god of death Yama to revive him. The God of death agrees to revive him, but under one simple condition… The stepson and all his caste would reincarnate as rats.

The rats or the “the little kids” are fed milk, grains, coconut shells and special candies. According to locals, the food that rats bite brings good fortune. If you want to visit this creepy place, don’t forget to share the leftovers with these holy creatures.

The Hell on Earth

In 1971, a group of Soviet scientists set up a drilling rig to analyse what they thought was an oil well in the middle of the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan.

It was true; the underground was an immense natural gas field that collapsed creating a huge crater, swallowing the platform and the scientists’ camp. Fearing the spread of lethal methane gas, scientists decided to set fire to the crater, creating an infernal well right under their feet. They expected the gases to burn off in a few days, but they didn’t. This crater, 30 meters deep, is known as “Door to hell“. That nickname hasn’t stopped the thousands of travellers who visit each year the hell on Earth.

An island of haunted dolls

Due to an unfortunate accident, the beautiful floating gardens of the Isla de Muñecas in México are now the object of horrible nightmares. According to local legend, a girl drowned in the canals of Xochimilco. After her death, a large number of dolls arrive at the coast of the small island.

Tormented that he couldn’t save the girl, the caretaker of the island, Don Juan Santana Barrera, began to hang all the dolls in the trees of the island in memory of the little girl. Over the years, the trees were filled with dolls. For the locals, these dolls are possessed with the spirit of the dead girl, and some witnesses claim to have heard them whisper.

Unfortunately, the story isn’t finished yet. About 50 years ago after picking up dolls and hanging them on the island, Barrera drowned in the same place where the girl died. Since his death in 2001, the island, which is, in fact, a floating garden, has had hundreds of visitors.

Here our selection with the 4 Creepiest Places on Earth. Do you want to visit any of them? Comment!