The best festivals in Europe

England, Europe

With the arrival of summer not only the beach season and beach bar opens but also the festivals, which were already beginning their journey with spring, reaches its peak. In this Top, we present the best festivals in Europe so you do not miss any this summer, also follow our advice so that nothing spoils the fun.

The best festivals in Europe

Exit, Serbia

Exit, the largest music festival in Eastern Europe, is set in the magical and beautiful fortress of Petrovaradin, in Novi Sad since 2001.

Year after year, the number of fans of the festival grows; Crowds of young people from all over the country and the rest of Europe, come to enjoy the Exit Festival. In addition to a varied musical program, the festival offers unbridled fun in the cool atmosphere of the city’s strength and positive energy.

From its humble beginnings as a student initiative against the Milosevic regime, the Exit has begun to be recognised internationally, serving as a sample and definition of the new generation of young Serbs. More than a festival, it is the opportunity for young people to rise and proclaim their beliefs in a creative and positive way – and above all, enjoy the party with hundreds of people with their own convictions.

EXIT is located in the historical fortress of Petrovaradin, built high up on the banks of the Danube, offering breathtaking views of the city of Novi Sad. The ancient fortress was originally built by the Romans and rebuilt later during the Austro-Hungarian Empire to defend itself against the Turks in the seventeenth century.

Wireless Festival, UK

The Wireless Festival is a famous music festival held every year in London. During these days there are several music concerts of the most famous contemporary artists. In addition to the concerts, during the weekend they usually set up a fair and we can find numerous foods and drink stands, as well as music workshops and chill out area on the premises.

Ultra Europe, Croatia

Going to a festival is an adventure. It’s possibly one of the moments that you most expect throughout the year and therefore we hope that everything comes out perfect. Ultra Europe is one of the best electronic music Festivals in Europe. This fabulous festival made its debut in 2013, nowadays is part of a worldwide expansion and has been spread to 20 countries.

Sziget Festival, Hungary

Finally, if you love festivals, you cannot miss the opportunity to dance in the largest music festival in Europe. The northern area of Budapest, Hungary, hosts this macro party. The first event took place in 1997 and since 2006 proposes to all its assistants’ music from different genres, blues, jazz and rock.


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