5 Fabulous Beaches in England: Discover the best beaches of Britain.

England, Europe

Each summer, the Mediterranean coasts becomes one of the favourite destinations of many British tourists, despite there is a large number of beaches and coves on the other side of the English Channel with so much charm that would make anyone doubt if they are in England.

For this post, we have selected five enclaves of the English coast perfect to unfold the towel and plant the umbrella before the good time finishes. Join us on this journey through these fabulous Beaches in England.

5 Fabulous Beaches in England

Bantham Beach

Bantham Beach is considered the best beach in England as well as one of the best beaches in Europe. Bantham Beach features an idyllic location in the south of Devon County, its fine sand, golden dunes and tranquillity are its best claims. Furthermore, Bantham Beach is a reference for hiking enthusiasts, as this part of the coast passes the Southwest Coast Path. The Southwest Coast Path offer walks that run through national parks and world heritage sites.

Botany Bay

Just for the spectacular views of its limestone cliffs, in the county of Kent, the beach journey is already justified. If you are lucky enough to catch the low tide, you can explore it and try to find fossils and rock pools.

Tresco Beach

The turquoise waters of Tresco have nothing to envy to the best beaches in the Caribbean. It’s located on the small island of Scilly, about three hours by ferry (or half an hour by plane) from Cornwall. It’s the perfect destination for a getaway for at least a couple of days. Take your time to dive with seals, practice windsurf or rent a boat to go fishing. Certainly, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in England.

Camber Sands Beach

Camber Sands beach - panoramio (31)

This sandy beach with 11 kilometres and dune systems seems to have been abandoned to nature. Its remote landscape has made it the scene of several films the latter, The Theory of Everything. A large number of visitors come to this beach to fly kites. Please, beware of the tide; it rises so quickly that it often arrives before the bathers themselves to the towels, even if they have unfolded the towel several meters from the shore.

Cala Porthcurno

This small cove of Cornwall County is guarded by two cliffs and the Minack stone theatre, open and overlooking the coast, and where works are depicted in summer. When the tide is low you can walk and reach other coves, one of them nudist.

Here our selection with 5 Fabulous Beaches in England. Have you ever been at any of these beaches? Comment!


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