The Mediterranean Countries… and their food

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At the heart of a Mediterranean diet.

At the heart of a Mediterranean diet.

If you are planning your next getaway to any beautiful country bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, we suggest you to stop by and read about the delicious dishes you have the possibility to try at any of the following countries…

The Mediterranean cuisine is worldwide famous for being the best option if you want to lose weight and eat healthy; in fact some recent researches also suggest that the mediterranean diet helps to avoid cardiac diseases, dementia and depression.

If you want to live longer then you have to start living like mediterranean people… that’s why we bring you a selection of the most visited Mediterranean countries and their food. Check them out!

The most famous and representative examples of Mediterranean cuisine are the Italian, Spanish, French, Greek and Portuguese cuisine. We are going to talk about the most representative dishes of each country.

The Mediterranean Countries… and their food.


Italian cuisine

One of the main characteristic of the modern italian cuisine is without any doubt the tomato… but the tomato is not part of the traditional italian food… in fact tomato was introduced in the 18th century… anyways the italian cuisine is known for being delicious, healthy and simple…

The main characteristic of Italian food is the simplicity of its dishes, with less than 4 ingredientes, the Italians are capable to produce impressive flavours! something worthy to admire…

Depends on the part of Italy we are visiting the flavours and the food is going to be different; but let’s talk about the most representative sauce of the country… Pesto! Pasta with pesto is a classic from Italian cuisine, is delicious and healthy…

Other classic of Italian cuisine is the Tagliatelle with bolognese sauce; and other classic we cannot fail to name on this list is the Parmigiano cheese… a delicatessen!



The Spanish food, is other worldwide famous cuisine… full of fantastic flavours and colours! Like spanish people, their food is a mix of many cultures that has contributed to all the flavours of the most emblematic dishes. Like in Italy all the different regions have different dishes… but the most known dishes worldwide are without any doubt the Paella and the Gazpacho.

The spanish cuisine main ingredients are garlic, olive oil, olives and species; the meals in Spain are not fancy but are very rich in flavours.



Oh la la French cuisine! the most fancy cuisine of the Mediterranean… is not only a blend of impressive ingredientes is also the most acclaimed cuisine worldwide. A visit to a french restaurant is always synonym of expensive and “fancy” meal. The french people has always looking after the way food looks, sometimes they are more worried about the way it looks than they way it taste… but that doesn’t mean the culinary options aren’t incredible!

The most known french recipes worldwide are…. the pâtisserie! le mille-feuille, macarons and the eclair; desserts are also a fantastic “culinaire” option that the french’s know how to do it… the crème brûle, mousse au chocolat and the crêpes… among many others…


feta and olives

The Greek Cuisine, we could say that is the most authentic of all the mediterranean cuisines; the Greeks haven’t added too many ingredients of the “new world” to its dishes, the greeks have remained true to what they know: olive oil, lemon, bread, herbs, grains and cheese.

The greeks has a culinary tradition that dates back several centuries; the Greek cuisine has been an inspiration to other cuisines, as well as, the Greek cuisine has received influences of many other ancient cultures such as the Ottoman. Some dishes of the Ancient Greek includes: lentil soup, fasolada and retsina.

Probably the most known delicatessen of Greece is the Feta cheese; a typical “meze” in Greece is feta cheese and olives… a truly delicatessen. other famous dishes of greek cuisine includes the Spanakopita, Moussaka which is very popular not just in Greece but also worldwide!



The Portuguese cuisine we can say that has more Atlantic influences than Mediterranean, but the truth is that is a fantastic blend of both of them. The portuguese cuisine is famous for the use of seafood on the most typical dishes. Portugal is ranked as the European country with the highest fish consumption… fish is a healthy aliment, so if you are planning to visit Portugal you will have fish in all it possible combinations.

The “bacalhau” is served stewed, boiled, fried, grilled, deep fried, roasted and of course… raw (dried and salted); the Bacalhau à minhota is probably the most delicious dish of Portugal! is healthy and is delicious.

Portugal has been fishing cod for many centuries; but there are also other popular ingredient of the typical Portuguese cuisine… Sardines! (grilled sardines are a delicatessen in Portugal).

But in Portugal you can also eat some meat… the Mão de vaca com grão is a popular dish of Portugal, consists in stew cow’s feet, vegetables and chickpeas. Tripas à moda is another delicious culinary recipe of Portugal… Are you planning to visit Portugal? Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic options of the Mediterranean cuisine of Portugal.

Have you visit and try the food of any of The Mediterranean countries and their food we mention?


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